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Today I haven’t any recipe or pictures for you. This time I ‘only’ have some inspiration from other bloggers all over the world. Maybe they can also inspire you?!

  • Granola. The first cookbook by Maja - moey’s kitchen. Maybe this is the perfect book to start my day with a perfect granola. 
  • for all who need an introduction for everything (for people like me): how to build a better meal - in a bowl
  • On one day, I want to participate a bread baking course by Lutz, until then I’ll trie out these Dinkelfladen (spelt bread)
  • Easy peasy recipe, this works certainly without a  ‘slow cooker’ - or? I hope so! These mexican pulled pork tacos byElise - simply recipes looks scrumptious.
  • And another recipe for Banh mi. Although I have a book about banh mi, I didn’t made one until now. Shame on me. And this recipe shows me I have to try it out. Soon.
  • In thanks to Miri I want also a dark grey wall in my bedroom (or black…) 
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