gua bao with twice cooked pork belly

gua bao with twice cooked pork belly (8 buns)
Knead all ingredients into a smooth dough and let it rise at a warm place (dough should be doubled or overnight in the fridge). Divide the dough into 8 portions, round out each piece into a circle shape (hand size). Place each circle on baking paper and place it in a bamboo basket and steam it over hot salt water. Cut spring onions into rings. Cut cucumbers into slices and carrot into matchsticks.
twice cooked pork belly:
Boil pork belly 30 minutes in boiling water. Then refrigerate (preferably overnight in the fridge or a few hours in the freezer). Then cut it into slices. Fry cold pork belly in a pan until both sides are crispy. Remove it. Stir chili bean sauce in the pan. Once you can 'smell' the sauce add spring onions, black bean paste and add a little sugar continue stirring. Deglaze with soy sauce and season with sugar and pepper. Fill cuns with pork belly, cucumber, carrots and parsley/ cilantro. Fold together.
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