vegetarian tofu laksa with shiitake and noodles

vegetarian tofu laksa with shiitake and noodlesThis first tested recipe from the book: Asiatische Nudelküche* (ISBN: 978-1-4723-7287-1) von Robin Donovan (in germn) is a vegetarian tofu laksa with shiitake and noodles.. Perfect for lazy sundays or mondays…..


vegetarian tofu laksa with shiitake and noodles
First do the paste: Therefor chop chili, ginger, garlic, lemongras roughly. Add into a mortar with coriander seeds and macadamia nuts and grind to a fine paste. Add cilantro and oil and grind again. If you like you can use your blender for this.
Heat the paste in a hot wok and stir. Add Broth, coconut milk and tomato paste, stir again and cook for a few minutes. Meanwhile, clean shiitake mushrooms and slice them. Cut tofu into cubes. Add both to the broth and cook. Taste with salt and pepper.
Cook the noodles in hot water.
Slice spring onions into fine rings.
Divide cooked noodles into two bowls. Add Shiitake, Tofu and broth and garnish with spring onions
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